Bio Plastic

My intention is to explore the self-organized structure using bio-based materials and investigate how the finding-structure could be controlled.


I started blowing inside the bioplastic layer testing the minimal surface structure by the bubble. The bubble has been created in the different moment after have left the bioplastic on the box.


Basic recipe: 100ml water – 20g Gelatina -10g Glycerol

IMG_7474     IMG_7471.JPG     IMG_7467

IMG_7475     IMG_7473     IMG_7469

+ 5 g Baker powder                 + 1 soup drop                  + 5 g Baker powder
blow bubble


Base recipe: 250 ml Water / 10 g Gelating / 3 g Glycerin


IMG_7200   IMG_7324
IMG_7350    IMG_7347
+ 10 g Orange peel               + 0.50g Green Thee powder


Base recipe: 250 ml Water / 10 g Gelating / 3 g Glycerin

IMG_7449    IMG_7448    IMG_7446

IMG_7445    IMG_7450    IMG_7451
+ 5 ml Vinegar                    + 2 g Starch                   + 2 g Wax


Tulle + Base recipe: 100ml / 20g gelatin / 10g glycerin

IMG_7487    IMG_7490   IMG_7484.JPG

+0.5mm mesh tulle (1 layer)     + 1mm mesh tulle (1 layer)       +1mm mesh tulle(4 layer)

Warning: The bioplastic laid on the glass have to be remove in 1 day time. Otherwise, will be difficult to peel it off the risking to broke it.