Grow Crystal


Needs: 1/2 cup hot tap water – 1/2 Teaspoon  alum – natural fabric
_Slowly stir the alum in hot water until it stops dissolving
_Pour a bit of solution into a small plait and leave it overnight. The day after take off from the plait just the biggest crystal.
_Prepare another solution and pour it into a clean jar.
-Take the crystal from the precedent solution and tie it in the thread. Once the crystals are tied submerged it in the new solution. The crystal doesn’t have to touch any surface.

IMG_7610           IMG_7612
By laser cutting a simple geometry, I prepared a 3D structure to let growth my crystal.
The upper edges of the geometry have been reinforced by stiff synthetic fabric to resist at the weight of crystals.

Result of 1 day
The fabric used for the structure didn’t resist at the crystal’s weigh, pulling the structure  down, and creating a crystal connection between structure and jar surface.