Final project


India Struggling to Breathe

“The body is not designed to exist beyond the earth ages. Fundamental aspect of human biology will need to change”
Lucy McRae

Olfactory dysfunction
Human pathologic studies have shown that air pollution can contact the olfactory epithelium, translocate to the olfactory bulb, and migrate to the olfactory cortex.


Particulate matter (PM) and toxic chemical pollutants are pervasive in the air.
The habit of wearing protective masks is one that has always been intriguing, especially for people from  China.
However, conventional masks can constraints the respiration. Therefore, several low comfort problems have been reported from people that practicing sports and people with respiration disease. 

Facing the pollution problematic this project is focused on pollution mask able to assist the breath.
The mask will react to the conditioning environment, as a membrane able to expand and contract, in order to augment the air volume inside the mask, helping the respiration.

The prosthetic mask will target for that person with high rate respiration and constant contact with the pollution. Therefore my target will be the citizen, who use to do sports activities around the city as well as people with use to move with personal transport as a bicycle or skate along the city.

How it works?
Thanking inspiration from the human lung’s Alveoli the mask will present a flexible structure able to expand and contract in strategic points of the face, increasing the user’s oxygen demand.


The flexible structure will also have a structural function by the increases of the structure in itself. The upcoming shape will look like membranes, which will host the pollution filtration material.

how is made?
The mask will be developed using an algorithm to find the morphogenesis of the shape.
Taking in consideration the problematic of the common mask in fitting the user’s face, the design will be based on the anatomy face lines, in order to give the better result in term of comfort.
The mask movement, contraction and expansion, will be made by shapeshifting materials triggered by sensors, which will be embedded in the structure.

Compared to the common mask on the marker, the Prosthetic mask will be an intelligent accessory able to change at the user’s needs.
Thanks to the customized design, the users will wear the right mask for its face, avoiding the entry of air.
Finally, the shape-shifting property will help to increase the oxygen demand of the mask, reaching the right air capacity volumes in the specific moment of the air condition.


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