Soft robotics

We will focus on the fabrication of soft actuators, sensors and grippers using novel materials, artificial muscles and performative locomotion design.


Silicon Preparation

  • Prepare the composition with two parts of Ecoflex 00-30 (A-B). Is important that the two parts are excitedly the same, otherwise, the mixture will never dry completely.
  • Use the Vacuum machine to remove the air from the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into the mold and vacuum it again.
  • Let it dry for one night on a flat surface. ( is important that the surface is flat to avoid different thickness along the surface)

IMG_8063   IMG_8069   img_8070-e1513011448659.jpg


Physical Prototype
Pneumatic  Test_01
Material: Silicon

Based on Soft robotic harm design
The silicon sheet has been laser cut to test if by the cut is possible to achieve the bending movement.The design sheets present two type of cuts in order to test the different structural behavior.

img_8081.jpg IMG_8083 IMG_8085

-Upon the laser cut sheet has been glue a thin silicon layer. Just the external edges have been glued in order to let the air go through the soft robotic and bend. The silicon has been glued with liquid silicon.

By this first test, we didn’t achieve the bending by the cuts on the silicon layer.

Blowing up two simple silicon sheet, both of the sides bend.
We realized that one part should be more rigid than another in order to give the correct movement.


IMG_8101 IMG_8091.JPG

Objective: Reinforce one side of the “sandwich”

  •  One side of the silicon,  has been replaced with a fabric, which has been reinforced with plastic adhesive.
    Thanks to the glue film the fabric become not breathable and is possible to inflate air.
  • Test  with tape.
  • Many other tests have been done with different fabrics and different test on top of the silicon.


We cut on the upper surface of the silicon, expecting to achieve a bending shape, but the result was a simply inflated structure without bending.


Objective: Create a Mold to achieve a Silicon film with a reinforced structure.


Cattura  cattura1.jpg




RESULT: The outcoming was not the expected one. The result was too fragile.