Fabricademy final project 2017-2018
Tutor: Anastasia Pistofidou
Tutor assistance: Mohamad Elatab
Mentor: Aldo Sollazzo
Material technology: PrimLab
Photographer: Federica Ciccone
Model: Pauline Temme

Particulate matter and toxic chemical pollutants are pervasive in the air. Due to this environment changes a protective mask is becoming an important accessory to wear. The standardized masks, on the current market, are not able to complete with the main protections required due to the variation of the user’s facial anatomy and the different pollution density in the cities.

Thanking into account the above problems The Prosthetic mask research aims to enhance a common protective mask using data-driven design techniques, based on human anatomy data to minimize the air-leak and environment pollution data to provide the correct air filtration according to the pollution in the different cities.


Human muscle face
The first group of data has been take form the movement of the three main face muscle groups:  Mimic muscle; Nasal muscle; Mastication muscle, to determine the flexibility and rigidity of the mask surface in order to maximize the adherence on the skin and reduce the air-leak. 
Human breath capacity
The second group of data is related to the human breath capability.

To do that has been taken into account the main groups of breath rate: Children breath 16 – 20, Adult breath 16_18, Elderly 12 -20.
This data has been used to found the optimized filtration and determinate the density of the structure mask. 


Taking inspiration from nature, to adapt and evolves rapidly upon climate change and environment, the design takes inspiration from the human lung, which presents an optimized capacity to expand its surface,  inflating and deflating,  by the alveoli structure. Thanks to an algorithm that has been generating a structural surface embedding both data,  facial muscle breath rate.


Digitally designed and fabricated, the structure surface has been created from 3D printing process, while the internal filter has made by natural cotton textile and coated with CO2Pure.