Materials to Wear?

 This immersive session will shine a spotlight on two cutting-edge domains: biomaterials and additive manufacturing. Through insightful discussions, we’ll connect the dots between these technologies and the fashion industry, exploring the solutions that have emerged so far.

This workshop also offers a hands-on experience, allowing you to roll up your sleeves and create your own DIY biomaterials. By doing so, you’ll gain a unique perspective on the living, breathing essence of materials, cultivating an awareness of their need for care and attention.

Our ultimate goal? To empower creatives and designers with the tools and knowledge to drive sustainable and innovative solutions, leading to new, exciting creative expressions. By working with DIY biomaterials, we awaken a profound sense of responsibility, underscoring the potential for humans and nature to collaborate, offering a promising route out of the predicament of unsustainable materials.

Event: Irish design week 2023
Organized by: Materfad for Neomateria
Sponsord by : Creative future accademy (CFA) and National college of Art and Design (NCAD)
Photo by:
National college of Art and Design (NCAD)

Participant review: 

“The workshop provided a very practical way of opening my mind to the potential and graspable future of sustainable materials for use in textile and digital fabrication practices”

“To Whom it may Concern, I attended the Neomaterial Workshop through Creative Futures, NCAD and MaterFad in Barcelona, the Bio-Textile was amazing, our Tutor was the wonderful Laura Civetti, she was perfect, warm approachable, full of knowledge, enthusiastic, It was a hectic and overwhelming few days, but amazing.”

” The workshop was amazing for me because I learned a lot about how can we create new materials from ordinary things. So thanks a lot. “